👋 Hi! Welcome to my personal website. My name is Justin Singh-Mohudpur.


I’m a Network and Systems Administrator for the US Air Force Reserves, and an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara for Applied Mathematics and Spatial Science.

View my resume here.

Research / Interests

Machine Learning / Data Science: I’m currently working as an undergraduate research assistant under Mike Johnson in the UCSB Geography Department, where we are working on computational methods in Hydrology/Water Resources. Within these methods, I am helping develop machine learning models to solve current open problems in this field.

Geographic Information Systems: I’m heavily interested in the field of GIS. Much of my current experience is from the GIS course sequence at UCSB. You can view my project site here.


I manage my own homelab, which is hosted on cloud infrastructure between DigitalOcean and AWS. Of the services I manage, most are containerized via Docker, and networking is routed through Cloudflare. I enjoy applying DevOps principles to my homelab for my own learning!

As a Systems Administrator, I work primarily with Department of Defense architecture, and train personnel on and manage projects involving:

  • VMware Virtualization Products (ESXi, vCenter, VSAN)
  • Cisco and Dell Switching & Routing
  • Red Hat Linux
  • PowerShell and Bash Scripting
  • Next-Generation Firewall Appliances
  • McAfee Security Products
  • Windows Active Directory Domain Services

I also manage various projects within my unit, my primary being an automation platform built on top of PowerShell DSC and Ansible that is managed through a web application frontend built with React.

You can see my experience in more detail in my resume. I’m also currently working toward, or already have, the following certifications:

  • CompTIA Security+
  • VMware VCP-DCV 2020 (in-progress)