👋 Hi! Welcome to my personal website. My name is Justin Singh-Mohudpur.


I’m a Systems Administrator for the US Air Force Reserves, and a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology for Computer Science.

View my resume here.

Research / Interests

Machine Learning / Data Science: I’m currently working under Dr. Mike Johnson in the UCSB Geography Department, where we are working on computational methods in Hydrology/Water Resources. Within these methods, I am helping develop machine learning models to solve current open problems in this field.

Geographic Information Systems: I’m heavily interested in the field of GIS. Much of my current experience is from the GIS course sequence at UCSB. You can view my project site here.


I manage my own homelab, which is hosted on cloud infrastructure between DigitalOcean and AWS. Of the services I manage, most are containerized via Docker, and networking is routed through Cloudflare. I enjoy applying DevOps principles to my homelab for my own learning!

As a Systems Administrator, I work primarily with Department of Defense architecture, and train personnel on and manage projects involving:

  • VMware Virtualization Products (ESXi, vCenter, VSAN)
  • Cisco and Dell Switching & Routing
  • Red Hat Linux
  • PowerShell and Bash Scripting
  • Next-Generation Firewall Appliances
  • McAfee Security Products
  • Windows Active Directory Domain Services

I also manage various projects within my unit, my primary being an automation platform built on top of PowerShell DSC and Ansible that is managed through a web application frontend built with React.

You can see my experience in more detail in my resume. I’m also currently working toward, or already have, the following certifications:

  • CompTIA Security+